• Pearl Ports &Warehousing Pvt Ltd is the custodian for the prestigious air cargo handling facility namely Air Freight Station,Bengaluru(Devanahalli) proposed by the company at Devanahalli village & Hobli, Bengaluru Rural District near the Bengaluru International Airport
  • The Air Freight Station will be a notified customs area under the control of Commissioner of Customs,Bengaluru for handling Export Air Cargo for customs examination, clearance and handing over cargo to the airlines at the airport.In the reverse direction Import Air Cargo will be taken over from the airlines at the airport, transported to AFS and cleared for home consumption after payment of duty
  • Mechanised handling , multilevel warehousing,computerised cargo identification and tracking, round the clock operations and customer friendly facilities are the highlights of AFS Bengaluru
  • Facilities for longer dwelve time ,more economical services ,facilities for in bond operations with customs permission and round the clock operation through out the year are a few of unique advantages of this facility
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Status : under construction

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